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Player Information:
Name: DigitalSocrates
Age: 29
Contact: [ profile] digitalsocrates 
Other Characters Played: previously Sonja
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Character Information:
Name: Patricia Tannis
Canon: Borderlands
Canon Point: After BD2
Age: 30ish
Reference Links:

Setting: This space-age setting spans many unarmed planets, divvied up and fought over by many major corporations, such as Maliwan, Atlas, Hyperion, etc - all heavy duty weapons manufacturers. The action takes place mostly on the frontier world of Pandora -  a lawless, desolate desert planet low on any natural resources, but a beacon for mercenaries and criminals across the galaxy because of rumors of fabulous treasure hidden inside "Vaults" - extra-dimensional spaces full of treasure and sometimes eldritch monstrosities which were sealed by an extinct race of aliens called Eridians. Small bastions of civilization do exist, solely on the strength of their leaders, and are constantly on defense from roving gangs of heavily armed bandits. 

Technology, when available, is highly advanced. Teleporter technology is ubiquitous; you can even be brought back to life after being completely vaporized, assuming you have the money. Weapons, which are everywhere and sport a whimsical array of features and gimmicks, are the primary currency, and shooting them is the predominant form of negotiation. 

Personality: Patricia Tannis is a brilliant, dedicated, broken woman of dubious morality. Having come to Pandora under the Dahl corporation's sponsorship to study Eridaians and their Vaults, Tannis was subjected to a a series of unfortunate events that led to the deaths of all her teammates (in various, and often horrible fashions). She developed (and/or exacerbated existing) mental health issues, leaving her an anxious, neurotic, paranoid, schizophrenic wreck of a barely functioning person. This was likely only made even worse after Handsome Jack initiated a hostile takeover of Pandora. He kidnapped Tannis and tortured her into giving him the Vault Key which the Vault Hunters she had aided used to open the vault and find and kill The Destroyer inside. Tannis vowed to get revenge on Jack, not for the wrongs committed on herself, but for the destruction of the two chairs that she'd grown close to while in captivity.

Tannis can occasionally manage her mental health in order to pursue her research goals. She's tenacious in her research, terrifyingly so. If her research calls for a kidney, she doesn't mind cutting open a drifter to get one - although she'll feel sorry if it turns out that you're supposed to leave them in ice instead of rice.

Tannis is very smart, knows it, and makes sure that everyone around her knows it. All the time. Her insults for those she perceives as unintelligent are frequent, creative and elaborate. Talking to most people (when she gets over her anxiety) is an effort of lowering herself to the level of other 'regular' humans, and her irritation at having to do so is evident in her impatience and caustic demeanor. 

Tannis is intensely lonely and craves emotional connections, but is paralyzingly afraid of social interaction. If she manages to break through that initial barrier, she can come across as overwhelmingly eager and needy. She has little concept or respect for typical social rules and speaks bluntly and openly; she doesn't have any kind of verbal filter. When speaking to people who have earned her trust and/or respect, Tannis can actually be a warm, empathetic person. The list of people who can make this claim is very, very short, and included Roland, one of the previous Vault Hunters, who rescued her from Handsome Jack and gave her a home in Sanctuary. Although she has trouble showing it, she was very upset by his loss. 

Appearance: Pic

Abilities: Patricia Tannis is a researcher, scientist, archaeologist, and supertech engineer. She's not bad with a gun, either.  

  • ECHO Communicator/ HUD
  • Backpack Storage Deck (digitally stores a variety of items)
  • Ammo Storage Decks (rifle, pistol, smg, repeater, rocket launcher, sniper rifle, grenade) with lots of ammo.
  • Portable Chem Lab
  • Miscellaneous tools and parts.
  • Several guns of different sizes and shapes and elemental properties. 

Suitability: Tannis is not a charitable person, and is highly unpredictable, but is very skilled. She could be persuaded to lend her abilities towards rebuilding, or other efforts, for a price - often in the vein of errands and legwork. She does have a vested interest in making the turtle more advanced which would help her research. 

In-Character Samples:
Third Person (Prose):

I'm looking for a foreigner with a particular set of rare skills. I need them to take this device that's NOT a bomb, and plant it in the flower shop across the street.

Actually now that you mention it, it doesn't require specific skills at all, just a lack of conscience. I mean, if it was a bomb, which it isn't. 

You see I tried to go into the shop the other day but I lost my nerve at the last moment and turned to leave before entering the door, but I'm pretty sure the owner saw me do that, so obviously I can't ever go back. But its right across the street and there's a very high probability that she'll see me at SOME point in the future, and I can't let that happen. That's where you come in. 

Once I've blown up the shop with this device that is NOT a bomb, I will reward you with this sack of flour. It was on sale. 


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